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Environmental sustainability

SWEP’s mission is to “Lead the global development, production and marketing of brazed plate heat exchangers while facilitating conversion to sustainable products and processes.” 

Energy efficiency and climate neutrality
Using our heat exchangers instantly improves energy efficiency and helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We have also developed a dedicated range of heat exchangers that use climate-neutral refrigerants, such as carbon dioxide.

Efficient use of renewable energy
Our heat exchangers make efficient use of renewable energy sources in a wide array of applications, such as wind power, solar heating, heat pumps, and municipal waste heat re-distribution through district energy.

Minimizing the environmental impact of our business
Our mindset is dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, production and products. Every time we are faced with a choice that has an environmental impact, our aim is to move towards a climate-neutral and environmentally friendly solution. SWEP’s Environmental Sustainability Report contains information on our internal and external activities towards more sustainable solutions.